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Whiteside Consulting Group has your IT needs covered...


The most critical element of your business is your data.  Your data and your business applications sit on your server.  We've partnered with Dell to provide a solid platform for redundancy, speed and security in their PowerEdge lineup of servers.  Dell provides a 3-year On-Site next business day warranty as the base warranty for all of their servers.  We're Microsoft Windows Server Certified to provide the support and service you need in building the platform you need in your servers.


Cloud?  What is it and what can it do for you?  There is a lot of buzz around the term and the fact of the matter is that it can be an incredible option to look at.  As a Microsoft Cloud Partner we've moved nearly every mailbox we support into Office365.  This provides a very cost effective and highly available email solution...but not everything should be headed for the clouds...yet.  Let us help you decide if and when a move to the cloud makes sense for your office.

Desktops and Laptops

Our partnership with Dell allows us to sell and support the business lineup of solutions from Dell.  Buying a business class machine entitles you to top tier support and a default 3-year next business day On-Site warranty.  So not only are you getting access to an exciting lineup of Desktops, Workstations, Laptops/Ultrabooks, and Tablets, but you're getting them with SUPPORT. 


How can a small or medium sized business avoid the scary prospects of hackers, viruses, data theft and more?  The sad truth can't.  Every week we read of data breaches and nasty viruses hold our data hostage.  These hacks and attacks penetrate the most tightly guarded networks in the world.  The fact of the matter is you have to protect yourself as best you can with the tools that you can afford.  We've partnered with Sonicwall to provide a solid firewall solution that can filter websites, help prevent intrusions and more.  We utilize a virus solution that is centrally managed and controlled.  This means that your users are forced to get updated and are forced to run virus scans and report this information back to you.  Keeping your applications updated is another forced solution to ensure your computers are not vulnerable to the most common attacks...and we FORCE those updates.

Backup AND Recovery

Nothing in your office should be more crucial than protecting your data.  We spend hours each data creating, editing, modifying data with our computers and too often we don't think about the importance and value of that data.  Could your office survive theft, fire, server crash, virus (read cryptolocker etc.  We've partnered with StorageCraft to provide a BDR (backup disaster recovery) that can not only provide daily incremental backups (no more nightly backups), but also allow you to FULLY recover a failed/missing server in less than one hour.  IF you have a backup solution now and your server crashes on you...HOW and WHERE are you going to recover that data?  How long is that going to take?  We recover files and folders in minutes and entire servers in less than an hour.  Ask us how.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Do you know how many computers you have in your office?  Are they in warranty?  When were they last rebooted?  Have the Windows Security Updates been installed?  How much RAM do my workstations have?  An RMM software solution allows for the Remote Monitoring and Management of all of your devices.  From one dashboard we can remotely control, force updates, add printers, generate asset reports, force virus name it.  Utilizing an RMM toolset allows for the ultimate in control and reporting which takes the "busy" work out of having to constantly run around to all of your machines to check updates, manually gather information on the hardware etc.  Ask us how our RMM toolset can help your business.

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